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Welcome to the world of Vimost Garment Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, Vimost has devoted itself to diverse sports sublimated wearing ever since. Our products include multi-functional garments like T-shirts, polos, hoodies and jackets, which are popular for daily wearing, clubs and schools. Also we make many professional sports wearings like ice hockey jerseys, cycling sets, all kinds of ball games and many other sports garments. With time going by, we also follow the global trend to make game jerseys, used for the popular esports nowadays.

Vimost has its own factory, with thousands of outputs per week. Different departments cooperate very well together to meet clients’ requirement. Firstly, when sales get clients’ order, they submit it to designers. Designers do the artwork in CoreIDraw, a professional design tool. After confirmed by the client, the artwork is printed to paper. Then the paper comes to our core process­—sublimation printing, the artwork being printed from paper to different fabrics by extreme high temperature. This ensures the color not fading when washed. Then the fabric is cut into different pieces according to the design. Pieces of the same design and order will be sorted out and put together. When every piece is in place, it will be sent to the sewing department, where different pieces will be sewed together by skilled workers. A jersey is generally finished. There are still workers trimming the thread ends and extra fabric edges to make the jersey better. Professional leaders will do the quality control to ensure it’s perfect before ironed. A jersey will be finished after all these steps.

Besides cooperation on work, Vimost workers also have plenty of activities in spare time. We play ping-pong and badminton at noon or in the afternoon after work. We had barbecue together early this month, eating and having fun together. We are a great team working and living in harmony.

Today, I would like to introduce a simple garment to you-Singlet. Singlet can be used in many situations like daily wearing wherever it is hot, or in basketball, football, and many other sports events. Vimost can make custom singlet as you wish. You can request for different colors, logos, team names, player names and numbers. Men’s singlet is loose and comfortable. Women’s can be close-fitting. Moreover, Vimost can make reversible, the inner side and outer side of which can both be worn. Each side has specific pictures and meanings. This can lighten your luggage. Also, you can add side panels by different fabrics and pictures. We still have different styles of necks and you can make by different fabrics.

Contact us for more information if you have any interest. Vimost can bring you fantastic jerseys and pleasant cooperation experience.

Thanks very much

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