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I was very glad to receive an email from Paul Sexton on 26th, May. It’s about the two hockey tournaments their teams have participated in. we supplied patches that printed with Vimost Logo to the two teams,

Mother Pucker white

Mother Pucker blue



In May, Paul took these two teams to play tournaments in France. It was in a northern French town of Rethel in the “Anderson” region. There were 16 senior teams in total playing and also another 30 younger age teams.


Mother Pucker white and Mother Pucker blue were in different groups. Both went unbeaten in the group stage and then went on to win their quarter and semi finals with both UK teams meeting in the final. Hope they will win in the final. 


Paul sent me a lot of pictures from their league team wearing the jerseys and trousers with Vimost logo. That shows that he approve of our jersey and cooperation.

The next tournament planned now. It will be held in August. Then we will introduce more to you.

Thanks very much

Vimost Team


Susie Shu

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