36 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Set Precision Repair Tool Quick Charging Aluminum Alloy Handle with LED Display for Phone Watch

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• 36 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Set :This set includes 36 different screwdrivers, making it versatile and useful for a variety of tasks.

• Quick Charging :The screwdriver can be quickly charged, allowing for efficient and convenient use.

• LED Display :The handle of the screwdriver features an LED display, which provides information about the battery level and other important details.

• Precision Repair Tool :This screwdriver is designed for precision repair work, ensuring that delicate tasks can be completed with ease.


1.[High end Craftsmanship Work] Bold and innovative storage box made of high-quality PU leather and aluminum alloy materials. The appearance is exquisite and noble, and the delicate touch and texture demonstrate unique charm. Maintenance workers' tools will accidentally fall to the ground, which can better protect them. Even if it falls to the ground, it is not easy to deform and the surface is not easily scratched or dirty.

2.[Power aspect]: Equipped with a powerful motor, an all metal gearbox, and a powerful magnet, the motor has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration frequency, and high torque. The no-load output speed reaches 240r/min, which is efficient and stable, with a maximum torque of 3N. m.

3.[meticulous details] Innovative dot matrix screen cutting-edge technology design brings you a clear and intuitive user experience, real-time display of work status, making operation more convenient. The circular shadowless LED lighting adopts 4 bright LED beads, with its own light source that is not afraid of the impact of the environment.

4.[Surprisingly high energy] Adopting higher capacity and high rate lithium batteries, 10C high rate power batteries, supporting stable and long-lasting output with high torque. Battery capacity: 400mAh; Empty for more than 3 hours, charging time: about 80min, standby time: about 6-9 months. The strong are fearless of challenges.

5.[Simple/Efficient] 11 types of 34 precision screwdriver heads, covering cross, plum blossom, plum blossom with holes, straight, Y-shaped, hexagonal, five-star, through needle, triangle, W-shaped, U-shaped, to meet your various maintenance needs, making work extremely simple. The tilted 22 ° design is considerate, and the batch head is tilted and misplaced, without the need for time-consuming searching. It is clear at a glance, and we will protect your emotions.


Product Name: 36 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Product model: YS-2236

Net weight of product: 410g

Storage box size: 205 * 83 * 33mm

Screwdriver size: 168 * 16.8mm

Batch head specifications

Quantity: 34PCS

Color: Phosphate Grey

Material: CR-V

Maximum torque or motor: 3N. m

Idle speed: 240r/min

First gear torque: 0.05N. m

Second gear torque: 0.2N. m

Third gear torque: 0.3N. m

Rotation direction: positive and negative rotation

Sound: Below 60 decibels

Dynamic balance: within 8 grams

Power supply and battery type

Battery type: 10C high rate lithium battery

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Input parameters: 5V/0.28A

Rated voltage: 3.7V DC

Charging time: approximately 80 minutes

Package includes:

Screwdriver * 34+electric screwdriver * 1+storage box * 1

Attention: Please do not use work beyond the rated torque range, as it may cause damage to the electric screwdriver

36 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Set Precision Repair Tool Quick Charging Aluminum Alloy Handle with LED Display for Phone Watch