Outdoor Camping Light USB Rechargeable Tent Light Outdoor Led Flashlight 3 in 1 Camping Light Atmosphere Light Flashlight

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Bullet Points:
1.Multifunction design: Illuminate your camping trip with ease using our versatile camping lantern. Provides powerful lighting as a lamp or flashlight and doubles as ambient light to create a warm atmosphere. Its 3 in 1 design makes switching between modes effortless.
2.Flexible Combination: With a detachable lampshade and tripod, this camping lantern provides flexible combinations to suit different scenarios. Use it as a compact flashlight, a complete camping lamp, or a stable desk lamp by installing the lampshade on the body.
3.Tailored Brightness: Get the perfect lighting for your campsite with our camping lantern. Whether you need bright light for cooking or softer light for chatting, you can choose from 3 adjustable brightness levels. This ensures optimal lighting in every situation.
4.Dust-proof and waterproof: Experience resilient lighting during outdoor escapades with this camping lantern. Its IP54 dust-proof and waterproof grade makes it resistant to water splash and dust intrusion, ensuring seamless operation in any environment.
5.Highly Efficient Illumination: With a built-in 2000 mAh battery, this camping lantern can provide 4-12 hours of illumination according to different brightness levels. You can easily charge the lamp through a USB charging cable, saving you time and costs.

6.Our camping lantern - perfect for your outdoor adventures! Don't get caught in the dark - adjust brightness to meet your needs. Remove the lampshade for an even brighter beam. Dust-proof and waterproof design ensures maximum durability. Long-lasting battery life ensures you won't be left in the dark.


Product operating instructions:
Short press the first turn button to turn on level 1 brightness, short press the second turn button to turn on level 2 brightness, short press the third turn button to turn on level 3 brightness, short press the fourth turn button to turn off the light; Double-click the button to turn on the flashlight, double-click the button again to turn off the flashlight; in any mode, long press the button to turn off all lights.

Charging indicator light: The red indicator light lights up during charging, and the green indicator light lights up when full.


Packing List:
Host * 1
Silicone lampshade * 1
Tripod * 1
Charging cable * 1
Instructions in Chinese and English * 1

Outdoor Camping Light USB Rechargeable Tent Light Outdoor Led Flashlight 3 in 1 Camping Light Atmosphere Light Flashlight