What’s the sublimation?
Sublimation involves a heat and pressure application to bond the sublimate dye colours into the fabric fibres on a microscopic level. The base fabrics are always white in colour.and  Sublimated Sportswear- give you a unique design

Sublimation means that you can have creative and complex designs on your Sports Uniforms.

Why Sublimated?
This process allows a much greater range of design possibilities; vibrant colours and individuality e.g. uniform numbering, with the finished garments retaining their original feel and shape. The durability of sublimated garments is first rate and the comfort of the latest fabrics is assured with moisture management technology.​

Sublimation is the newest and best way to create your custom apparel line. There are 3 main features of digital sublimation:

1,Lasting Color

Sublimation is a process in which dyes are heated and pressurized into gas, then transferred to fabric where they bond with individual fibers and cool to solid again. This makes your design a permanent part of the apparel, so it will never peel, crack or fade.​


2,Bold Designs

Our Fully Digital sublimation process offers you tremendous flexibility in color choice and design… even real photo reproduction is possible. With Tufgear solutions, your imagination is your only limitation.

3,Superior Performance

In the world of athletic apparel, high performance fabrics are an essential part to keeping the athlete at an optimal body temperature and the highest level of comfort. Traditional screen printing puts a layer of ink on top of the fabric, which blocks the pores of the fabrics, preventing it from doing it’s job of breathing and moisture wicking. With our custom sublimation, you can have the designs you want, while still having the benefits of our high performance fabrics.

4,The advantage and feature of sublimation

Sublimation provide the clothing with bright color, which is never fadeless, as well as the stable quality.