Happy Story with Customer

Happy Story with Customer

Today, I want to share a small story about how we dealt with urgent situation for our customer.

We sent out a package on a Monday to the customer in USA, which was estimated by express company on its website to arrive on that Thursday, right before our customer takes a flight to California to take part in a match.

However, the express website didn’t update any progress on Wednesday, and it was still on the way from China to US, which means it still needs about 2 days to arrive at the destination, and it’s not possible to arrive in the morning of Thursday. This made my customer very upset. And it was mid-night, so his local express customer service was not working at that time. Therefore we helped contact the Express customer service in China and she estimated that it’s really hard to arrive in the morning of Thursday.

Our customer discussed with us and we decided to redirect the package to California directly. Thus, the package will not be late and the customer can use it directly during the match. Since their local express cannot be contacted at that moment, we Vimost helped with everything like redirecting and document preparation so that Express customer service in China can use them. Our customer showed great thanks for what we did.

What’s more importantly is that with our effort, our garments arrive on time and customer has what he purchased. We are a good partner to cooperate with. Don’t hesitate to establish a relationship with us.

Thanks very much

May Yu

Vimost Sports


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