Tomb-sweeping day Holiday

To all clients:

Tomb-sweeping day is approaching, we’ll have a holiday, so the work time of the next Monday will have to be shifted to this Sunday. The company is scheduled for two days holiday which is from 3rd , April to 4th. We will be back to work on April 5th. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holiday brings you any inconveniences.

Tomb-sweeping day: Tomb-sweeping day is also called The Qingming Festival, and is from Chinese lunar calendar.  It is generally in the solar calender 4th, 5th or 6th. Tomb-sweeping Day is a statutory public holiday in mainland China.

Tomb-sweeping day meaning pure and bright, is seen by Chinese as a special day for remembering the dead.  It is an important day for Chinese.  People  around China mourning deceased relatives and friends on the Tomb-sweeping day.

The people need to make the grave clean and tidy on Tomb-sweeping day. After that, most of people will put the food in the front of tombstone, and burn the paper money for the dead to eat and use in another world. At the same time, putting the chrysanthemums to tell the deceased their grief and setting off firecrackers to tell the dead it’s time to get the paper money. After finished all these, some people will kneel down in the front of tombstone of relatives to hope to get the blessing of deceased, some people will bow in the front of tombstone to show their respect and grief.

With the development the society, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and strong. More people no longer set off firecrackers and burn the paper money, just to see them, put a bunch of chrysanthemums and kneel down or bow in the front of tombstone.


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