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Ice hockey Game

Ice hockey, referred to simply as "hockey" in Canada and the United States, is a team sport played on ice. It is one of the world's fastest sports, with players on skates capable of going high speeds on natural or artificial ice surfaces. The most prominent ice hockey nations are Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States.

Ice hockey Skating skills are changing skilled hockey skills and agility combined with a strong collective confrontational ice sports is one of the Winter Olympic Games . Athletes wearing skates,hand scraping the ice ball sliding bar. General with a hard rubber ball ,thick 2.54cm ,7.62cm in diameter,the ball weight of 156-170 grams. Game play each team six people, three forwards, two defenders, one goalkeeper.Players hit the ball into the ice bar the other goal , a multi-winner .

Ice Hockey Rules :

  • The ice hockey referee: the referee court personnel , including two referees and two door of the prison Staff . Two sideline referees ,a timekeeper and scorekeeper. (two) court judge jointly control the entire game ,one on each half . Sideline referee is responsible for offside when the shot when someone signals.
  • Some foul play ice hockey : Hockey is a physical contact game. The possibility of the body in each other a lot of fouls , incl: butt,tripping people, top people with knee ,elbow top people,held over the shoulder shot and poke people with hockey sticks and so on .

 3) How to kick-off ice hockey: Kick-off in the face-off circle game . Referee standing in the circle , the ball falls relative standing in the center between the two .

Competition Method :

Ice hockey each team has 20 people, the two sides play each 6, there is a goalkeeper,left back ,right back ,left forward , right forward and center . Athletes wearing Skates and holding ice bar ,wearing IIHF requirements, chest protector, elbow pads ,jockstrap, leggings,helmets and the other protective gear . 1 ball for every shot in the race was 1 minute ,60 minute per game ,divide into Bureau ,the actual game for 20 minutes per game ,15-minute break between each game . The match can not replace the players at any time by the referee and the goalkeeper . Athletes not allowed to hit or stick with the ice edge stinging shot or lever handle pestle people ,hook people ,are not allow to hold people ,tripping ,pushing people bar ,throwing clubs and elbow throwing the top people ,kicking people ,Not allowed to interfere with judges and staff . Offenders are given a small fine under the circumstances ,large fines,disqualification ,penalty kick and so on . Defensive players can use the shoulder ,chest ,hips to control the ball reasonably offensive player collision ,can also be affixed to the body and stop squeezing . With the team members can pass each other in a region ,but not from the area to keep the same team members in the Qianban Chang pass , and offenders sentenced to more zone pass . Team members before attacking the ball into the offensive zone for the offside.

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