Custom the Sole Sublimation Hoodies with Your Logo

Custom the Sole Sublimation Hoodies with Your Logo


Do you keep seeing the same hoodies style at clothing stores?

Would you like to own the sole sublimation hoodies with your logo or design?

Wouldn’t be happy to see if you could put what you exactly want onto the hoodies or other garments?


Hoodies is also called hooded sweatshirts or pull over hoodie, no matter you go out for run, walk around, or stay at home, it is common to wear by almost everyone. Some guys looks cool with oversize hoodies, It is also a part of hip-pop fashion. It’s convenient to own the unique one via internet today, you don’t have to go out for picking the reluctant style. Vimost sports is specialized in doing various sublimation sportswear for youth and adults, can offer OEM service with many years, we can help you to do the sole one for you or your team.


Something you need to know about hoodies as the below:

  • . Style: Our hoodies is unisex style. You can choose hoodies with pockets, zip up hoodies, hoodies with ribbing or without ribbing, long sleeves hoodies, short sleeves hoodies, or even sleeveless hoodies, etc.


  • . Fabric: #N fleecing fabric, #V-001, #V-002 are frequently used for the main outside fabric, which are warm materials, it is windproof. #K, shiny fabric, 100% polyester is normally used for inside hood fabric. Of course, there are other 100% polyester fabrics for your choice, you also can do your hoodies style for Spring, Summer, Fall with different fabric thickness, not just for Winter hoodie style.


  • . Color: There are Pantone color, Vimost color and Fluorescent color, you can choose any color you’d like to print on the garments.


  • . Technology: We take dye sublimation transfer sublimation printing, the color is bright and fadeless.


  • . Hood: You can choose the hood with drawstrings or without drawstrings. The normal hood is with 2 panels, we also can cut the hood into 3 panels, you can put some designs on the left side panel, middle panel or the right side panel.


  • . Pockets: with normal front pockets or without pockets, with kangaroo pockets or with two sides pockets. It’s convenient to keep your hand warm, or store keys, mobile phone, cash,etc within pockets.


The Winter is approaching, welcome to do your warm hoodies or running hoodies, gaming hoodies, basketball hoodies, ice hockey hoodies, or other sublimation garments at Vimost Sports, we are delighted to help you to do your style!!!



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