Custom rugby shirts for your club

Custom rugby shirts for your club

A rugby shirt is a shirt worn by players of rugby union or rugby league. It usually has short sleeves, though long sleeves are common as well.

Rugby shirts have a buttoned opening at the top, in a similar style to polo shirts but with a stiffer collar. Modern rugby shirts often have a very small collar so as to provide less material for a potential tackler to latch onto (even though such an action is illegal in a game). Due to the nature of the game, the fabric is generally strong, and traditionally rugby shirts have rubber buttons so that they would, if pulled on in a game, come undone rather than pop off.

A traditional design of rugby shirt consists of five or six horizontal stripes or "hoops" in alternating colours. Rugby league shirts often have a large 'V' around the neck as part of their design. Football shirts by contrast, traditionally generally have vertical stripes. Rugby shirts, like most sport shirts, will usually have a number on the back, though shirts not meant for competitive play will usually forgo this. Logos and labels of sponsorship are now common, and generally appear on the abdominal area of the shirt.

We know how universal a game of rugby is, particularly with both sexes winning their respective World Cups this century. This is why we sell men's, children's and women's custom rugby kits in a huge range of sizes – whether you're looking for kid's Age 3-4 or an adult's 5XL, we can manufacture and supply the perfect kit in the sizes that suit you.if you're after something a little more unique, our sublimated shirts open up a limitless range of possibilities, to make your vision a reality with any design that will let you bring out your club's identity perfectly.

Why Choose Vimost Team for your Custom Uniforms?

With years of 5 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of custom sportswear, Vimost should be your first and only choice when it comes to designing the best looking, most effective and affordable sportswear. The limitless quality of our sublimated range means you are able to have complete freedom over your design – a feature perfect not only for your season's kit but also for specialist tour designs which can become excellent mementos of an incredible victory.

If you have any questions about our custom rugby uniforms feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to talk with you!


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