Custom Distinctive Cycling Shirts Here

Spring is come, so warm weather! Many flowers are blooming anywhere. It is the wonderful season and chance to go cycling with your friends, classmates, colleagues and families to be close to nature and relax your body and mind. Then maybe you will need cycling shirts, we would like to customize them with our pleasure!

We specialize in customizing cycling shirts and other sportswear with high-tech for many years. The details of cycling shirts as follows:

  1. We usually use the fabric of A, B, O and F to customize cycling shirts.

# A: 100 % polyester lightweight, yet strong

# B: 100 % polyester moisture-management fabric.

# O: Polyester-nylon blend spandex, commonly know as “Lycra”. 

# F: Peach Skin with moisture-wicking properties.

Which fabric do you want, it is depend on you!

  1. We can customize them with 1/4 zippers, 3/4 zippers and full zippers. And the sleeve can be sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve. Especially, it has three pockets on the back to conveniently carry some things! Which style do you want is up to you, too. All the design is free!
  2. We can offer unlimited color and size and can customize with your logo, name, etc, all of them just according to your demands!

Welcome to place the order of distinctive cycling shirts that just belong to you! We can accept the all kind order like small order, large order. Just waiting for you place it!

Thanks so much!

Vimost Sports

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