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When people talk about ice hockey sports, the high speed, fast body contacting, shiny rink, the slap-shots, or even the missing teeth come to mind. It is easy to be injured while playing the game, so the protective equipment is necessary. It is all know that the essential equipment of ice hockey sports are the helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, skates, sticks and puck. when it comes to the ice hockey wear, ice hockey jersey is the first choice, while ice hockey socks, shorts, ice hockey pants are alternative choice. Considering the ice hockey cover pants, let us give you a brief introduction as the below.


  1. What’s the ice hockey cover pants construction?

The ice hockey cover pants is made up of several pieces of material that are sewed together, namely the thigh patch, the knee patch, the calves patch, the side patch or without side patch, the hip patch, the back patch and the crotch patch. We can print the color, the team logo, the number on any parts. Even It looks baggy, this can allow the manufacture to use the appropriate materials to related parts, all protective equipment also can be easily put into or put on the flex zone of the pants.

  1. What’s the materials for ice hockey cover pants?

The #D fabric, 100% polyester, can be used for the main fabric. It’s very light and breathable, especially when the player put some bulky equipments, the lightweight and durable materials will not add the extra weight. The ribbing can be used for the crotch patch. Of course, there are other fabrics for your choice. 

  1. Why the ribbing can be sewed as the crotch patch?

Except for the main fabric #D, the stretchy ribbing also can be sewed as the crotch, this can make the player move flexibly. It is not just the black or the white ribbing, we also can print the ribbing into different colors by heat transfer sublimation printing.

  1. What’s the waistband?

The waist belt is adjustable, this can give you the chance to find the perfect fit on the hips. The elastic band also can be for your choice.

  1. Can the rubber pads be sewed as the knee patch?

Yes, it can. The #D fabric can be the knee patch, but if the rubber pads is for knee patch, this can protective your knees well when players are moving or flying around the ice, the rubber pads is not easy to be worn.


Vimost also can do a series of products for ice hockey team, such as ice hockey jerseys, goalie jerseys, ice hockey socks, ice hockey shorts, hoodies, warm ups, t shirts, etc. Would you like to own the unique one for your team? Welcome to contact with us to do the various sublimation sportswear from Vimost Sports!

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