Custom Made Sublimation Lacrosse Jerseys

Custom Made Sublimation Lacrosse Jerseys

Lacrosse is a game played on a field by two teams of ten players who use sticks with curved nets on them to catch, carry, and throw the ball. There are four major types of lacrosse, namely men’s field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse.The lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in schools or colleges nowadays, would you like to custom the unique one, stand out of the crowd so that your lacrosse teams can be easily recognizable? It’s easy to own your lacrosse jerseys style at Vimost Sports.

The lacrosse jerseys normally consists of the front, the back, the side panels, the wider shoulders, the sleeves, the collar stripes, the panel on the back neck. It’s convenient to put shoulder pads into the jersey for protective equipment.


Our materials are 100% polyester, Spandex and Lycra, there are about optional 34 kinds of fabrics. #B fabric is 100% polyester, 165 gms, coolmax, it can be used for the main fabric. #K shiny fabric, 100% polyester, which can be used for the side panels or sleeves. #R fabric is durable and shiny mesh fabrics, 150gms, this can be used for practice jersey fabric. Of course, you also can choose any fabrics which you like. There is no limit of fabrics, color and size at Vimost, our size chart, your size chart or customized measurements can work with us. The universal Pantone color or unique Vimost color are available.


Team sports are an excellent way to teach social interaction and how to work with others. Every team has the exclusive logo or name, we can print your logo, the team name, the player’s name or numbers on any position of the garments. There is no limit of gender in Lacrosse sports, Vimost can supply a series of sublimation lacrosse wear for boys, girls, men and ladies, and coaches. We can do lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse coach polo shirts, lacrosse shorts, lacrosse skorts, lacrosse shooting shirts, lacrosse warm ups, lacrosse hoodies, etc.


It’s a good news that Vimost have our own Order System now, wecan inform clients every step to keep the correct order, then you can easily track your order status. Welcome to contact with us to do your lacrosse jerseys or other sportswear!

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