Custom soccer shorts for training and game time

Soccer is a fast–paced, strategy game played by men, women, and kids. Its professional leagues have gained millions of fans around the world. It is considered as a major sport that is well-known and widely played in almost all regions of the world, except for the United States and Canada.


The game is played by two opposing teams, with eleven members each team including the goalkeeper. It is played on a rectangular field with the main goal of driving the ball into the opponents’ goal to achieve a score. The ball is primarily played with the feet and only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch and handle the ball. The main reason why this sport has gained its popularity is because it is one of the most accessible and adaptable amongst all other sports.


Vimost produced soccer jersey and soccer shorts for soccer team, even for different name and number. There are some details about the material, color, size and techniques as follows;


#B-165gms Coolmax,100% polyester mesh 100% polyester moisture-management fabric similar to Koolwick but is a little bit heavier weight and has a two-way stretch, used primarily for soccer jersey, shorts or anywhere a breathable performance fabric is desired.2Color: Our color is unlimited, we can produce and print any color according to your soccer shorts design, or you can choose the color from our color chart, so we can match. The color is fadeless.

&-Techniques: Sublimation printing,

&-Size: XS-5XL. We can custom any size of men’s and women’s soccer shorts only if you have your size specifications.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in soccer shorts or any further inquiry. We will respond to you ASAP once we received your message.



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