Custom Sublimated Hockey Uniforms

Custom Sublimated Hockey Uniforms

A hockey jersey is a piece of clothing worn by ice hockey players to cover the upper part of their bodies.

Hockey jerseys today are typically made of tough synthetic materials like polyester, to help take away moisture and keep the wearer dry. In accordance with the team's colors and matching the socks, they are usually emblazoned with the team's logo on the front, the player's last name on the upper back (with the first initial in cases of teammates with the same family name, such as Henrik and Daniel Sedin, teammates with the Vancouver Canucks), and a designated number below, from 0 to 99 (in the NHL, 98 is the highest number allowed, after the league retirement of number 99 to honor Wayne Gretzky).


Our hockey jersey has all kinds of collars, like H-001,H-002,H-003,H-004..etc, Round and String. If you prefer reversible hockey jersey, we can also custom it for you. What’s more, you can also choose the jersey with shoulder or without shoulder. And you don’t need to worry about the fabrics, our fabrics are strong enough for such a fast-paced, physical sport.

Hockey pants are knee-to-waist protective gear for ice hockey or roller hockey players. The pants carry a variety of padding depending on whether they are worn by goaltenders or skaters (forwards and defenders), and also on the manufacturer.

The pants are traditionally a one-piece garment with a lace-up fly augmented by a strap belt. Sometimes, they are additionally held up by suspenders (particularly in the case of goalie pants).

Hockey pants are also called "breezers" in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Hockey socks are ankle-to-thigh garments worn over protective gear by ice hockey players. They are form-fitting, traditionally made of a cotton or synthetic rib-knit fabric. Experiments have been made with a lightweight fabric "sock," of material similar to that used in hockey jerseys, and most recently (mid-2000s) with a streamlined lightweight "sock" used by the U.S. Olympic and other international teams. Hockey socks should not be confused with actual socks, the traditional hockey sock is a knitted wool or synthetic tube stocking without a foot. The sock covers the shin guard, and is a required part of the uniform along with the jersey, according to USA Hockey rules.

They are held up either by a garter (old style) or attached to undershorts with Velcro tabs. Players usually keep their socks inside the upper ankle area of their skates. And our hockey socks usually come with Velcro to fasten. You can choose the white one or black one.


All our hockey uniforms have a variety of colors, you can choose whatever you like from the color chart, and these colors won’t fade away after sublimation and would keep bright forever. Besides, we have all sizes, no matter for men, women or the youth. We can always make a suitable one for you. If you have the designs in vector file, you can send them to us. We can offer you with free design support and give you a reasonable price.

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