Custom sublimated Lacrosse Pinny for school,club,team

Lacrosse Pinny

Lacrosse Pinny is more than simple and easy. It can be fantastic, attracting and multi-funtional

Look at these pictures. Yes, Vimost can customize wonderful pinnies for you. Firstly, you can think about any special idea or crazy opinion. Our designer can put your thoughts onto the design. Pinnies means you can wear 2 different designs on just one piece of jersey. Choose your preferable one to wear today according to your mood.

Secondly, you can add your name, nickname, flag or number onto your jersey. Besides these basic information, you can add your favorite motto, pictures or sponsors if you have any. Just provide your information and Vimost help with the customization.

If you do not want an ordinary singlet, you can add side panels to make your pinnies special. Different fabrics is an option to make your pinny diverse and special. Many people would like to use ventilation fabrics to make it cool during the sports.

At last, Vimost workers sew your design with proper stitching, which is quite harmonious with the pinny itself. What’s more, all Vimost products are quite firm, with high quality. We are reliable. Don’t hesitate to have a try.

 Thanks very much

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