Custom Sublimation Wrestling Singlets

Custom Sublimation Wrestling Singlets


A wrestling singlet is a one-piece, tight-fitting, colored uniform, usually made of spandex/lycra, or nylon, used in amateur wrestling. The uniform is tight fitting so as not to get grasped accidentally by one's opponent, and allows the referee to see each wrestler's body clearly when awarding points or a pin. Unlike judo, it is illegal to grasp an opponent's clothing in all styles of amateur wrestling.


There are three different traditional "cuts" to wrestling siglets: the high cut, the FILA cut, and the low cut.

The high-cut covers most of the chest and reaches up to the under-arms on the side.

The FILA-cut is like the high cut but does not rise up as high beneath the arms.

The low-cut singlet is a revealing singlet, that allows greater range of mobility, keeps its wearer cooler, tends to be more comfortable when not on the mat (wrestlers tend to wear their singlets under their clothes nearly all day in some circumstances). The low-cut reaches down to the middle abdomen in the front, reaches down to the hips on the sides, and features a single strap that runs up the back that is very thin.


Our custom builder lets you create your own custom wrestling singlet, add graphics, text and choose a material and size.

Our custom wrestling singlets are 100% fully sublimated and polyester. The designs will never crack, peel, or fade away as they are dyed into the material itself. Compared to screen printing, sublimation looks better, lasts longer, and gives you more design options. Its quite frankly made screen printing a relic of days gone by that should best be viewed in a museum, not on a mat.

Our wrestling singlets are made from the highest quality lycra material that's not too heavy, and not too light. It breaths. It wicks. It's flexible without being too soft. It's strong without being too rigid. It lasts. It is just simply the best material for a singlet you can find today.


Are you looking to create or customize your own wrestling singlet? You have come to the right place. We will build custom wrestling singlets for teams or individuals.


We are committed to offering the best service, at the best price! We will beat any published competitive quote for personalized wrestling singlets. Normal turnaround is 7-9days from design approval. Rush delivery available at higher rates.


If you have any interests, welcome to contact us.




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