Show Your Personality with a Custom Tshirt for Yourself

What do most of the people in the world wear? That must be a Tshirt. It is cool, simple, comfortable and convenient. Company can buy it for its crew, schools buy it as uniform and many ordinary people wear it in daily life.

So many people wear it. Why would you buy such an ordinary thing? Actually, people still love it. Hip-hop dancers wear exaggerated Tee to show their personality and dancing skills. Pop stars often wear fashionable Tshirt even when photographed by journalist.

Therefore, despite widely worn, Tee can be customized specially to show your personality.

Vimost Sports is doing such things. Our company makes quite a lot of custom sublimation apparels, especially Tshirts.

Firstly, I’d like to introduce styles of our Tshirts. Besides round sleeves, we also make raglan sleeves. Different necks can be chosen as you like, such as round neck, straight V neck and heart-shaped neck. There are also other professional necks that you may see on other ball jersey shirts. We can make any of them for you. Also, we can make things differently by paying attention to some details. For example, longer backs, a small slit between the front and back, side panels and cut-offs can be requested. As a result, these details can make your Tshirt different.

Secondly, we’re doing customization, so you can request for different colors, logos, names or numbers to be added to your Tshirt. Choose a bright color to show your likeness? Adding the photos of your favorite star? Make an especially big Tshirt to show your emotion?

When all these are chosen according to your likeness, a special Tshirt must be made with your strong personality. For any question, just contact us and tell us your thoughts. We’ll never let you down.

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Vimost Sports

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