Something You Should Know About AFL Jumper

Australian rules football, officially known as Australian football, or simply known as football or footy, is a contact sport played between two teams of eighteen players on an oval-shaped field, often a modified cricket ground. The main way to score points is by kicking the oval-shaped ball between the two tall goal posts. The team with the higher score by the end of the match wins unless a draw is declared.

During general play, players may position themselves anywhere on the field and use any part of their bodies to move the ball. The primary methods are kicking, handballing and running with the ball. The game features frequent physical contests, spectacular marking, fast movement of both players and the ball and high scoring.

A jumper is a type of shirt worn by Australian rules football players. It is typically sleeveless, although long sleeves may also be worn. The word “guernsey” is also used to describe a jumper.

The typical jumper features the player's number on the back, the colors of the player's team, and the team logo. Sponsor logos may also appear on the jumper. Unlike sports such as association football and American football, the surnames of Australian rules footballers do not appear on their shirts. Australian rules football is unique in referring to the player's shirt as a "guernsey" with most other sports referring their respective uniforms as a "jersey".

Here are some details about the AFL Jumper you need to know.

  1. Our fabric is 100% polyester and very stitched.
  2. Fully sublimated printing, never fading
  3. Australian size, you can also custom your own size chart.
  4. Any colors are all ok, no color limits.
  5. Different collar styles. If you need any kind of them, please note that when you place the order.
  6. Shorts with colorful strings, and with pockets or without
  7. You can custom your name, number on the jumper.

If you have any ideas about the AFL jumper, you can tell them to us, our designers will try their best to make your ideas come true. And we use DHL door to door to deliver the garments, which just takes 3-5 days to deliver them, and you can get your unique garments very soon.

Thank you very much!

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