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This bedside lamp is made of high-quality iron and linen. The unique design of the branch base and the linen fabric shade create a subtle sense of harmony, presenting a vintage and elegant look. This beautiful bedside lamp can add a sense of high end and elegance to any room, enhancing the taste of the space. You can place it on your bedside table to bring warm and romantic light to your bedroom. You can also put it on your desk to let it accompany you to work and read.

Key Features

High-quality Material: This bedside lamp is made of high-quality iron and linen fabric. The strong and sturdy iron makes the bedside lamp not easy to damage. The lampshade made of linen fabric has a long service life.
Dual USB Charging Ports: With built-in dual 5V/2A fast USB charging ports, you can more easily charge your devices such as smartphones and readers, and say goodbye to charging outlets far away from your bed or table.

Protect Eyes: The lampshade made of linen fabric softens the light radiation and protects your eyes. And the linen shade makes the light more even, giving your bedroom a soft tone and preventing eye strain.

Retro Shape: The black tree-shaped lamp base presents a vintage, elegant style. The black leaf at the top of the shade echoes the tree-shaped lamp base, making this bedside lamp look like an ancient tree lamp.

Nursery Lamp: This bedside lamp can be used as a nursery lamp for diaper changing or breastfeeding. The soft light helps ease the baby's fear of the dark and creates a gentle and relaxing environment at night.

Charming Decorative Lamp: Simple and functional with a European design, the bedside lamp is an understated interpretation of elegance in simplicity. With a height of 23.62 inches, the lamp is the perfect decoration for living rooms, study rooms, bedside tables, sofas, and more.

Fine Craftsmanship: This bedside lamp is made with exquisite polishing and baking lacquer. The fine polishing makes the metal lamp base smooth and delicate. The exquisite high-temperature baking paint makes the lamp base present a restrained and classic black appearance.

Easy to Carry: The bedside lamp weighs only 2.64 pounds, so you can easily carry or move it. You can place it anywhere you like.


Removable Linen Shade: The lampshade has a removable design, so you can disassemble it and put it into the washing machine for cleaning, which is very convenient.

Realistic Leaf: The clear texture on the leaf increases its authenticity, making the leaf more realistic and beautiful.

Knob Switch: The knob-type switch located on the side of the lamp holder is very easy to operate. You only need to gently twist the switch to control the light on and off.


This bedside lamp is suitable for use in several places such as the living room, study, bedside table and sofa. The built-in dual USB charging ports can also charge your electronic devices. The bedside lamp is suitable for an area of 107.63-161.45ft2.


Press the lampshade on the metal buckle.
Stitch the lampshade.
Press the bracket while putting it on.
Put the lampshade on the bracket.
Screw the little leaf decoration on.
Install your bulb.

Package Included

1*Base with Cord

1*Linen Lampshade

1*Metal Buckle


1*Little Leaf Decoration

1*Chinese Manual


French Romantic Flower Desktop Decorative Light Home Living Room Bedside Table Black Leaf Table Lamps USB