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When I was a little child, I went to the riverside and saw teenagers or adults fishing for a whole afternoon or all day long. I could not be as quiet as them. We little children liked to take off our shoes, and slipped into a ditch, either catching some crabs or loaches, or just playing the mud and water for quite a long time.

As I grow up, now I find many people like fishing in the neighborhood. Still, they can be quite all the time. I think they may be thinking about something provokingly or observing the motion of their prey so they will not miss each bite.

These people have professional fishing tools like long rods, hooks and baits. Besides, they wear cool jerseys to show their love to this interest and hobby.

Today, I would like to introduce fishing shirts produced by Vimost to you. Generally speaking, they are loose and comfortable, which make you feel pleased when you are pursuing your hobbies. Women can request close-fitting fishing jersey if they want.

Our fishing shirts can be long sleeves or short sleeves. For long sleeve, you can add rib material at the cuff so they are longer and keep you warmer since it’s always windy at the riverside. The rib material can be white and black, and also different colors or with designs on it as you like. As for placket, you can request for 2 buttons or 3 buttons, even a zipper, whichever you like.

For the whole jersey color, you can choose a light grey or white as the background like the water. You can also choose sea blue or even sea water with waves. Different styles of fishes can be added on this background. Moreover, you can choose to add your company name or some other information to advertize or just show your likeness.

Do you want to know more details of Vimost’s fishing shirts? Contact us and we can answer all your questions.

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